Maxwell exposes certain metrics through either its base logging mechanism, JMX, HTTP or by push to Datadog. This is configurable through commandline options or the file. These can provide insight into system health.


All metrics are prepended with the configured metrics_prefix.

metric description
messages.succeeded count of messages that were successfully sent to Kafka
messages.failed count of messages that failed to send to Kafka
row.count a count of rows that have been processed from the binlog. note that not every row results in a message being sent to Kafka.
messages.succeeded.meter a measure of the rate at which messages were successfully sent to Kafka
messages.failed.meter a measure of the rate at which messages failed to send Kafka
row.meter a measure of the rate at which rows arrive to Maxwell from the binlog connector
replication.lag the time elapsed between the database transaction commit and the time it was processed by Maxwell, in milliseconds
inflightmessages.count the number of messages that are currently in-flight (awaiting acknowledgement from the destination, or ahead of messages which are)
message.publish.time the time it took to send a given record to Kafka, in milliseconds
message.publish.age the time between an event occurring on the DB and being published to kafka, in milliseconds. Note: since MySQL timestamps are accurate to the second, this is only accurate to +/- 500ms.
replication.queue.time the time it took to enqueue a given binlog event for processing, in milliseconds

HTTP Endpoints

When the HTTP server is enabled the following endpoints are exposed:

endpoint description
/metrics return all metrics as JSON
/prometheus return all metrics as Prometheus format
/healthcheck run Maxwell's healthchecks. Considered unhealthy if >0 messages have failed in the last 15 minutes.
/ping a simple ping test, responds with pong

JMX Configuration

Standard configuration is either via commandline args or the file. However, when exposing JMX metrics additional configuration is required to allow remote access. In this case Maxwell makes use of the JAVA_OPTS environment variable. To make use of this set JAVA_OPTS before starting Maxwell.

The following is an example which allows remote access with no authentication and insecure connections.

export JAVA_OPTS=" \ \ \ \ \